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KSL Group Therapy

Group therapy is a therapeutic intervention that takes place with a group of people together rather than with an individual during a one-on-one session. While the term can technically be applied to any kind of therapy that is delivered to a group, it is most commonly associated with a specific therapy type that makes use of the group dynamic.

shutterstock_139712686Having therapy in a group environment can have many benefits as it offers a support network and provides the opportunity to meet others experiencing similar concerns. Together with the therapist and the other group members you will be encouraged to share your experiences and work on understanding yourself better.

Groups will be between 5 and 12 and you will be entitled to 6 sessions. You can join the group at any stage of the programme, the group facilitator will encourage members to discuss their experiences and progress. The way in which a therapy session is structured will depend on the style of the therapist running the session and the nature of the concern(s) being explored.

The sessions are confidential, just as they would be in a one-to-one therapy session. If you client don’t want to talk they don’t have to. For some people it takes a few weeks of sitting in and listening before they feel ready to talk about their own experience, so you should not feel pressured if you don’t wish to talk. However it can still be just as powerful and reflective if you just sit and listen.

The aims of group therapy are to help individuals identify unhealthy behaviour, to offer a supportive environment and to help with emotional difficulties through feedback.shutterstock_126004547

Clients are quickly able to realise that they are not unique with the problems that they are facing and in turn additional support becomes available from other members of the group which can go on outside of the session.

This service is free to Thurrock Residents if you are aged over 18 and have a BMI of 30 or over.

If you wish to be referred into Group Therapy then please contact 07961787011 or text ‘Group Therapy’ to this number and someone will call you back as soon as possible.